SightRight Stance & Cue Action

Snooker is a precision sport requiring perfect sighting in your pre-shot routines and a technique (stance and cue action) which are all aligned to your individual eye dominance. These are the most fundamental coaching principles of the game, yet amazingly, most people from beginners to top Professionals unintentionally sight across their intended ‘Line of Aim’ when sighting the shot initially and/or when in their Stance! Without ensuring you have these elements right in your game, both development and potential can be severely limited. No-one has passed all of SightRight®️ tests and his unique understanding and expertise in the sighting and technical aspects of the game is unmatched. He has helped many players achieve success at the highest level and if you wish to improve your game and play accurate snooker – book a session today. You’ll find its a real eye opener and wish you had done it years ago!


Patented Eye Dominance & Sighting Line assessment Patented Pre-Shot Sighting routines for

• Perfect Sighting behind each shot

• Perfect Sighting of potting Angles

• Improved potting accuracy

• Improved positional play for higher scoring

Snooker Stance & Cue Actionalignment

Develop the perfect stance and perfect cue action for your eye dominance SightRight Practice routines for improved accuracy across your whole game • Short, Middle & Long game

• Break Building

• Safety Play

• Rest Play

Many of the World’s Best Professionals including Stephen Hendry, Mark Williams, Shaun Murphy ,Stuart Bingham & Terry Griffiths are using or coaching SightRight’s proven methods.