Pranit .J. Ramchandani (Snooker Coach India)

“SightRight is a deep study which corrects all the technical flaws and is by far the most supreme coaching method in the world and I have the privilege of sharing it with the world.” – Pranit Ramchandani, Nov ’20.


For 20 years, Pranit has been engrossed with Snooker. He wanted to take his career in Snooker to the next level. Pranit desired to teach perfect Snooker, so worked on becoming a fully accredited SightRight Snooker Coach, travelling to England to take the course with the World’s Number 1 Coach, Stephen Feeney.

Snooker is a technique intensive sport and requires continuous practice and undiluted focus – It’s imperative to adopt a perfect technique to ensure you can play the game to the best of your ability. Pranit has been very lucky to coach under some of the best in the sport around the world who have helped him develop a solid foundation.

“I went to the best coach in the world and learnt the techniques that the top professionals in the world train with and I passed my exam with top marks. I understood that there was a lot of depth and analysis in the techniques and the way they coach and train professionals in the United Kingdom.” Pranit said – “My dream is to help people understand the right technique and hopefully one day make professional champions from India.”

About SightRight

In the search of being able to teach perfect Snooker, Pranit travelled to England to be taught by founder of SightRight & the World’s Number 1 Technical Coach, Stephen Feeney

SightRight methods have produced 3 champions in the last 5 years.

  • Stuart Bingham (2015)
  • Mark Williams (2018)
  • Ronnie O’sullivan (2020)

SightRight works with the elites in Snooker including; Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Williams, Shaun Murphy, David Gilbert, Martin Gould & many more. SightRight is the reason behind 7x World Champion & King Of The Crucible Stephen Hendry’s return to the main stage.

Using their patented technology for Sighting & Alignment, SightRight is able to teach professionals and amateurs alike how to Play Perfect Snooker.

SightRight is the only way to guarantee you are seeing the line of aim perfect.

SightRight methods result in benefits to your whole game, including Sighting Pots & Angles, positional play, break building, rest play and safety, over your short, middle and long game.

SightRight Snooker Coaching is available and recommended to all players, regardless of skill of stature.

SightRight Snooker Coaching available in AASB