Mohd Aamir

Mohd Aamir


State : Uttar Pradesh

Mohd Aamir has been a dedicated player who ventured into the field of Snooker in 2010 and has since then participated in, and won multiple Tournaments as a result of his constant efforts which led to his expertise in the game. He has also been the Quarter-finalist for an International Tournament in Dubai.

Two times Winner of the Snooker Championship, Moradabad in 2010 and 2014.

Achievements 🏆

• Winner of snooker Championship, 2010 organized by Friends Snooker Club, Moradabad, UP – India
Participated in 8 balls Pool nationals-2010, Delhi
Winner of snooker Championship, 2014 organized by friends snooker Club, Moradabad, UP – India
Runner- Up of Snooker Championship, 2015 Organized by Good Shot snooker Point, Moradabad, UP-India
• Participated in several Local Tournaments in Moradabad, UP -India
Participated in several UP Qualifying Events Organized by UP billiards and snooker Association.
1st Quarter Finalist in double Elimination Tournament-2019, organized by Sport city snooker, Billiards and electronic games, Deira, Dubai – UAE
Quarter Finalist in snooker Singles and Doubles category -2021, Organized by Hit the black Snooker Point, Powered by AASB, Aligarh, UP- India.
• Participated in Shahid Hussain Memorial Snooker Shootout Tournament- 2021 Organized by Rehman’s Snooker Academy, Powered by AASB, Aligarh, UP- India

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