Farman Ahmad

Farman Ahmad



State : Uttar Pradesh

Farman Ahmad is an exceptional Snooker player who has dedicated a large portion of his life to playing the game and mastering it. His list of achievements is endless, as is his passion for snooker.

Highest Break at Dr. Aleem-Ur-Rahman Memorial Aligarh Open Snooker Championship

Achievements ?

Winner of Sir Syed Hall Zest Tournament, Aligarh in 2007.
Winner of the Match Room Club Snooker Championship (doubles and singles), and also bagged the highest break for the same in 2008.
Winner of the Pursuit Open University Sports Festival that took place at Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall, Aligarh in 2010
Winner of the Athlus at VM Hall AMU in 2010
Runner up (doubles) at the Open Snooker Championship for Snooky Dooky, Aligarh in 2011
Runner up at the Imran Khan Open Snooker Championship, Aligarh in 2011
Highest break (doubles) as well as won the singles and doubles at Dr. Aleem-Ur- Rehman Memorial Aligarh Open Snooker Championship in 2012
Runner up (doubles) for the Rahman Snooker Championship, Aligarh in 2012
Winner of the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial Snooker Championship in 2015
Runner up at Pursuit’15, Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall AMU for snooker doubles in 2015
Top 8 in both singles and doubles at the Aligarh Open Snooker Championship in 2017
Winner (singles) of the Snooker Championship at Play Station, Aligarh in 2017

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