Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman


State : Uttar Pradesh

Abdul Rehman is a committed Snooker player whose dedication and skills towards the game have led him to complete two decades of playing and winning multiple Tournaments.
Winner of 2001 Open Snooker Tournament, Aligarh.

Achievements 🏆

•2001 winner Aligarh open
•2004 9ball national
•2005 9ball national
•2008 winner snooky dooky championship
•2009 runner up woodbine championship
•2009 Semi finalist snooky dooky
•2011 runner up Rehman championship
•2017 runner up Rehman championship
•2021 semi finalists hit the black
•2021 runner up REHMAN’s shootout
Runner up Dr Aleem ur Rehman Aligarh open snooker championship 2015

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