Mohammad Swaleh

Mohammad Swaleh


State : Uttar Pradesh

Mohd Swaleh has been an exceptional Snooker player who has spent more than a decade of his life indulged in the game. His skill set and efforts have shown great results which have been adequate evidence of his passion for Snooker.

Winner of the 2006 VM Hall Tournament, Aligarh

Highest Break(Championship): 58

Highest Break(Practice): 72

Achievements 🏆

• 2004 Semi Finalist at PlayStation snooker club in Aligarh
• 2006 V.M hall Winner in Aligarh
• 2006 Matchroom Semi Finalist in Aligarh
• 2007 Matchroom doubles Winner in Aligarh
• 2013 Rehman’s snooker club Quarter Finalist in Aligarh
• 2018 Rehman’s snooker club Runner Up in doubles snooker tournament
• 2021 Hit the black Quarter Finalist in Aligarh

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