Our Team

Syed Hasan Shahid Rizvi
My focus as President is to overview the management and administrative operation of the association and to provide leadership and support to all its members.
Vice President
Farrukh Ghani
I see my duty towards the association to work towards the improvement of player ethics in tournaments.
Imran Khan
My vision for this club and its members is to maintain snooker as a royal game entwined with etiquettes and good performance.
Joint Secretary
Syed Kashi Abidi
I am dedicated towards my mission to ensure the future of this association soars high.
Hasan Ausaja Rizvi
My vision for this club is to ensure that exceptional training is provided to players to take their skills up a notch to the national level.
Executive Member
Mrs Razia Bano
I intend on putting the expertise of my PhD in cue sports to good use by seeing to the organisation along with smooth execution of events and tournaments for the club.
Executive Members
Manjit Singh
My aim is to ensure that this club provides to its members the best services along with a noteworthy experience.


“My game was in bad shape when I joined AASB and I was in need of a good coach who could bring up my confidence. Sightright official Snooker Coach in India Pranit Ramchandani has massively rebuilt me and I play much better and even win matches thanks to his guidance. My only regret is that I didn’t find him earlier.”

“Some of my friends recommended I join AASB as I was shy in nature but had a keen interest in snooker. ***AS SOON AS I DID THE SESSIONS WITH Sightright official Snooker Coach in India Pranit Ramchandani, he puts me at ease and helped me believe in myself with his expertise and understanding. He is very patient and always encourages players to work harder, and I will always be grateful to him.”

“The best place to play snooker in Aligarh with great tables and cues. This place is a great stress buster. Had a perfect gaming experience.”

“I love the ambience of the club, it’s an amazing gaming zone with a great variety of equipment, because of which I’m a frequent visitor. I believe no one can leave this club disappointed.”

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Unique Maintenance

Our tables are wrapped in Strachan 6811 and Hainsworth cloth and are well maintained throughout the year to ensure a smooth game as does the ambience.

  • Accurate rolling of the balls is ensured by the pro- under-table modern heating dehumidification system.
  • Steel block constructed cushions for optimum performance as required by professionals.
  • Hand floated slates ensure flatness.

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